You could use this feature to request the data from a remote database or CRM. Please note, this feature is EXPERIMENTAL and available only in the beta version.

Please share your feedback:

You need to activate "Server Note" option in "Settings-Fields to show" and provide a valid request URL and optional access token.

Request format

Only HTTPS GET requests are supported. SSL certificate should be valid. You could use free Let’s Encrypt, for example.

[phonenumber] will be replaced with the URL encoded call number

[type] will be replaced with 0 for incoming and 1 for the outgoing call.

For example the incoming call from +12345 number: 

URL in the app settings:[phonenumber]&type=[type]

Parsed GET request:

If you set access token in the app, it will be included in "Authorization" HTTP header (type Bearer):

Authorization: Bearer access_token_here 

Response format

HTTP Message Body response will be used as a note, only in case HTTP status code 200. 


It is good idea to activate "No delay" option in "Settings-Advanced setings", to remove delay before the request.