There are no additional actions required for the stock (or close to stock) Android versions. However, most of the vendors customize Android with some battery and memory optimizations to increase battery life. For the most of the phones you should do the following: 

  • Disable all battery and memory optimization options for the Call Notes Pro app in Android system settings.
  • Allow autostart for the app in system settings if this option is available.
  • In case of the multi SIM phone, please, also read this article.

Below you could find some advices for the most popular phone vendors (also please check site):


  • Disable "App power saving" optimizations in System Settings->Battery->Detail->Call Notes Pro.
  • Start Device care from phone settings->Tap Battery->Tap the 3-dot menu > Settings->Disable all toggles(except Notifications). Tap Sleeping apps->Wake up all the apps using the trashcan icon
  • Disable Put unused apps to sleep
  • Disable Auto-disable unused apps
  • Disable Adaptive battery
  • Remove Call Notes Pro from the list of sleeping apps
  • Disable background restrictions for Call Notes Pro
  • Please check this information for the details and screens:


  • Disable battery saving for the app (manual white listing) (Open the Settings menu on your Xiaomi device; Tap Battery & performance; Tap Manage apps battery usage; Tap Choose apps; Tap Installed apps and choose Call Notes Pro; Tap No restrictions;)
  • Permit autostart (Open the "Security" Xiaomi app; Tap Permissions; Tap Autostart; Swipe to enable Autostart for the Call Notes Pro).
  • Go to System Settings -> Permissions -> Advanced Permissions -> select the Call Notes Pro app and give it permission all permissions, including Start in background, Show on Lock Screen and Display pop-up window.
  • Activate the "lock" on app in the recent apps list.


  • Go to Android Settings->Advanced settings->Battery Manager->Protected apps and add Call Notes Pro to the list of protected apps.
  • Phone settings > Battery > App launch and then set Call Notes Pro to “Manage manually” and make sure everything is turned on.

Letest Huawei MIUI 8:

  1. Phone Manager -> Launch -> Find Call Notes Pro -> tap it and change it to "Manage Manually", and turn on "Auto-launch", "Secondary launch" and "Run in background"
  2. Tap the overview button on your phone to open a list of recently used apps -> find Call Notes Pro -> press and swipe down Call Notes Pro -> tap the "lock" button
  3. Go to mobile Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Apps-> Settings -> Special Access -> Ignore battery optimization -> Find Call Notes Pro (click the dropdown arrow to see all apps) -> Choose "Allow"



  • add app to "not optimized" in "Aggressive doze & app hibernation" system settings.
  • press the small lock symbol on Call Notes Pro title on the Android recent apps list.


  • Go to Settings - Battery - Three dots in the top right corner - Battery optimization - Apps - Call Notes Pro - uncheck. For dual SIM phone, please read this article.


  • Allow autostart for the application:  "Phone Manager > Privacy safety > Manage Auto Launch".
  • Disable memory cleanup: "Phone Manager > Power saving management > App protection".


  • Please go to your phone settings – Select ‘Battery’ – tap the menu in the top right corner – Select ‘Battery optimization’ – Tap ‘Not optimized’ and select ‘All Apps’ – Find Call Notes Pro on this list and Select ‘Don’t Optimize’.

Also please check this website for more tips:

Please submit a ticket in case of any problems or if you need help.