Privacy is the top priority for us! We DO NOT sell or redistribute your information to anyone. We do not have any access to your notes or contacts. Below you could find more details.

  • App has support for the runtime permissions.
  • All In-App notes are stored on the device, but you could sync them with Evernote/Onenote. 
  • Call Notes Pro uses only official API for the sync process, so your data is secure (please check the privacy policy of the Onenote/Evernote). 
  • Contacts notes are stored in the Android address book, so other apps could access this information. 
  • Please note Google could do some Android app backups, please check this for details:
  • Internet is used only for the optional sync process with Evernote/Onenote and anonymous crash reporting/basic statistics tracking. Crash reporting and statistics tracking is done with Google Firebase and covered under their policies. No notes or contacts data are transferred in this reports; statistics information is non-personally identifiable.

Please check our privacy policy for more:

Please submit a ticket in case of any questions.