Unfortunately, due to the new US and international sanctions against Russia Call Notes Pro Cloud will be temporary shutdown.

Please check Google manual how to cancel your subscription (you need to manual cancel it): 


What is Call Notes Pro Cloud about?

Call Notes Pro Cloud is here to help you to store In-App notes, sync them across devices, and access them on the web.

Call Notes Pro Cloud should cover the following cases:

  • Simplify backup. No worries about the device change, lost, reset, etc. Simply restore all your In-App notes from the cloud.
  • Sync between devices.
  • Web access. Create and modify your In-App notes via the desktop web browser.
  • Secure the future development of Call Notes Pro. App doesn’t sell ads, or invade your privacy, so the on-time app purchase fee, donations and Cloud service subscription are the only revenue available to pay for the infrastructure, development, and support.

What is the preview?

Call Notes Pro cloud is not final ready product. I consider it as a preview. 

However, your participation in this preview should help a lot. Please, share your feedback, ideas, and issues.

And do not forget to create In-App notes backup, before you start to test the cloud.


Cloud is subscription-based service. Call Notes Pro is not in the business of selling your information or ads, so the subscription is the only option available to pay for the infrastructure and development. 

Currently, only monthly subscriptions are available (with 30 days free trial). There are plans to introduce longer billing periods later.

How to subscribe and activate sync? 

All settings for the Cloud are available in the Call Notes Pro app Settings->Cloud.

The process consists of two simple steps:

  1. Activate subscription in Settings->Cloud->Subscription management
  2. Sign with your Google Account in Settings->Cloud->Sign in.

That’s all. You could press “Sync now” button to sync all your in-app notes immediately. 

How I could access synced notes on the desktop?

Open cnp.lv in your browser. 

Is it safe?

I do not recommend storing any sensual information (like PINs, passwords, etc) in the CNP Cloud. Use private, device only notes, for any confidential information. 

How to restore subscription? 

Open Settings->Cloud->Subscription management. This should automatically restore current subscription. 

How to report bugs or suggestions?

Please mail to support or create ticket.


(DONE) | Android: Private, on device only notes

(DONE) | Android: Sync interval improvements

(DONE) | Web: Search

(DONE) | Web: Color notes (view)

(DONE) | Web: Pinned notes (view)

(DONE) | Web: Sorting

(DONE) | Web: Tags (view)

Web: Infinity scrolling (?)

Web: Overall performance, UX, and layout improvements

Web/Android: Localization