What Android versions are supported?

All versions from Android 6.0, including the newest Android 12. 

Floating window is not displayed during the call. How to resolve? 

Please check Phone setup guide article. 

Are Dual SIM phones supported?

Yes, please read DualSIM article for all the details. 

Why Google Keep sync is not implemented? 

Unfortunately there is no public API for the Google Keep. Hope Google will open it, until that it is impossible. 

Are my notes private?

Yes, sure. We do not have any access to your notes or any other information. However you could sync your notes with the Call Notes Pro Cloud. Contact notes are stored in the Android address book, you could sync your contacts with Google Contacts or other apps could have to access your contacts. Also please note Google Android could do some app backups, please check this for details: https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/2819582

What are the differences between "Last call time" and "Last contact time"?

  • (Will be removed on January 7, 2019 by Google) "Last contact time" is based on system updated timestamp. Android phone vendor decides when to update this field.
  • "Last call time" is based on Android call log history. The size of this history list is also vendor dependent. 

If you just want to know when you were on call with the contact, choose "Last call time". It is much more stable and bug free. 

What are the differences between Contact notes and In-App notes?

  • Contacts notes (first tab). These notes are stored in the Android address book (the notes field of the contact). Notes are synced between devices in case you use Google Contacts. You also could edit this notes online via the Google Contacts web interface: https://contacts.google.com
  • In-App notes (second tab). These notes are stored in the internal database. You could create this notes even for the numbers not stored in Android address book. Notes can be synchronized with the Call Notes Pro Cloud. Please do not forget to backup or sync this notes.

How to change location of the floating window?

You could simply drag the floating window to any location of the screen. Please check the "Settings->Advanced->Lock note position" option is disabled in case of issues. Also, you could drag the window by title bar only, in case note scrolling option is activated.

I need help or found a bug, how can I contact you? 

Please fill new ticket or just mail us to: help@nikanorov.mobiCloud FAQ